The VX-1 Electric Scooter: now for grownups!

THE VECTREX VX-1 MAXI SCOOTER, which weighs much more than a typical bike at 515 pounds, is anything but a kid’s toy. It requires a motorcycle license to drive.

It’s also electric, with a 180-pound battery that lets the rider forget about pumping gas. The Vectrix just needs an electrical outlet to get its fuel.

The scooter can go about 50 to 60 miles when fully charged and it can reach speeds up to about 60 mph. It’s billed as the only electric scooter on the market that’s highway legal.

‘We classify this as a zero emissions vehicle. … When you’re riding it and driving it, it is zero [greenhouse gas] emission,” Hughes said of its environmental impact.

‘But we do account for the fact that when you plug it in, that energy comes from somewhere. You’re going to take four kilowatt hours to charge this vehicle. The VX-1 has a carbon footprint of 36 grams per kilometer. Now equate that to a car, which is typically 10 times that.'”

Read more at CNN. Whizzzz!


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