Bright Ideas from Maine, #1

A couple of our WHA provocateurs are proud Mainers. Here’s a good reason for them to be proud: the Maine State Legislature just passed a law – the nation’s first! – requiring manufacturers of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to set up recycling programs for the cool, energy-efficient doohickeys. By 2011, a system will be in place for the collection and recycling of CFLs, which is kind of awesome since CFLs have one serious nervous-making downside: they’re made with mercury, a heavy metal that’s way more dangerous to your kids’ mental health than Metallica. The law also requires limits on the amount of mercury that can be used in the light bulbs. Now, since we all know that mercury in the environment tends to find its way into fish, and the coast of Maine has a lot of fish – well, this is all rather sensible, isn’t it? Mainers have a reputation for that.


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