The Sound of a Train in the Distance

May I introduce you to the excellent blog The Infrastructurist? On the heels of the New York Times‘ recent Sunday Magazine devoted to the state of American architecture and infrastructure, The Infrastructurist concentrates its efforts on news, features and general horrorshows regarding American transportation systems.

Now, I must confess that you may find the following depressing, disturbing, and in fact downright heartrending. You may be aware that, once upon a time, New York City’s Penn Station once looked like this:


Whereas it now looks like this:


The Infrastructurist utterly shocked me with its reportage that Penn Station wasn’t the only grand American rail station demolished in the relentless pursuit of “efficiency,” “modernization,” and “profit.” The Infrastructurist lists nine more grand temples to the golden age of rail that, today, are ugly shopping malls, soul-destroying office towers, or – in the appalling case of Chicago – simply vacant lots. You will get angry. Very angry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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