Cuyahoga Update: Not so Fast, Bub

I know this is ancient news and all (i.e., last week), but we folk here at WHEN HISTORY ATTACKS! know the black arts of ironic humor, and are not afraid to deploy them. Drew Carey, in his chuckling cynicism, would definitely agree that I was gulled into complacency while celebrating the improvements in the Cuyahoga River on the 40th Anniversary of the Cleveland River Fire.


Not four days after the anniversary, on the 27th of June, we received a report from the New York Times that “Hundreds of gulls were killed or maimed in Cleveland after what investigators believe was cooking oil spewed from a sewer pipe into the Cuyahoga River.”

It’s a shame about those gulls. But that’s what happens……. WHEN HISTORY ATTACKS! Thankyuhverr’much.


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