Dizzy from Kansas to Kenya

If creativity can get us out of this energy crisis, then there are promising signs everywhere. The true test for a global energy plan, however, includes a long list of developing nations whose need for energy advancement often outweighs the environmental impact.

Luckily solutions are popping up. The Economist has been reporting about a promising and cost effective means of producing power, harnessing the power of artificial tornadoes.

AS DESCRIBED IN THE ECONOMIST, Louis Michaud, a Canadian engineer, has developed a system that “works on a similar principle to a solar chimney, which consists of a tall, hollow cylinder surrounded by a large greenhouse. The sun heats the air in the greenhouse, and the hot air rises. But its only escape route is via the chimney. A turbine at the base of the chimney generates electricity as the air rushes by… His scheme replaces the chimney with a tornado-like vortex of spinning air, which could extend several kilometers into the atmosphere.”

Read more from the news at Mongabay.


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