Weekend Update: September 5, 2009

IMG_0488In order to keep up with the times, I will be doing a weekend update every Saturday to hand you the important news of the week that I haven’t had a chance to write about.

Things are in motion and I want to keep us in the present.

First up, Truth is Stranger than fiction. That means California just had a first class garage sale. Also in the sun-raisin state is a review of current water laws. Being that the fire season lasts so long in Cali, one has to wonder if that cause has anything but apt moments for it to be addressed

Also on the waterfront, India continues to manage a disappointing monsoon season. Agriculture is a major employment factor in this enormous country, and with the world economy bent over a curb, they are forced to continue relying on growth.

Next we have some banks repaying back their bailout loans. Questions remain such as will profits will keep up with impeding inflation? And what about the fact that these big banks who’ve failed are actually becoming bigger?

Finally we have a new world record. The Arctic has now reached it’s warmest temperature in 2000 years! An achievement made even more impressive due to an ice age that may or may not be happening nowish.

That’s it for now, but I will continue catching up next week. Have faith folks.

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