“When Do The Heads Roll Again?”

estructionDo I even need to mention people are angry out there? I apparently do, because despite our  over-crowding prisons, they are not currently packed with bankers. A lot of us scratched our heads when the great bailouts weren’t followed by a stringing of the scape-goats, but is it too late for red eyed retribution?

Sure we have a few ponzi schemers locked away, but not one high profile banking executive has answered for the millions who watched their savings and investments get wiped out. It might not feel like it, but out there some folks are trying. There are a number of pending civil suits all over the country and the FBI has more than 580 large-scale corporate fraud investigations currently underway.  New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo just subpoenaed five board members of the Bank of America and plans to haul in ten more, but at the end of the day no one believes they will spend a night in jail.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they have to jump through a few hoops to keep their billions in bonuses, but if we don’t put them away soon will this country survive the turbulence of financial angst?

The whole thing boils down to one question, is it too late for comeuppance? I don’t think so.

Shakespeare teaches us that there is always time for just deserts.


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