Nazca Lines Point to Deforestation, Water as Civ’s Downfall

Nazca monkaay

Between 1,500 BC and around AD 500, the Nasca civilization prospered in Peru. Their famous remnants are the Nazca Lines – vast line drawings of animals (right photo) and abstract figures that can be seen from Space. But these Nascans, they disappeared suddenly. And no one knows why. Today, a couple of researchers have an idea.

Looks like they fell into the same pickle the Easter Islanders did, at least according to that analysis by Jared Diamond. Deforestation, yo. They cleared out the huarango forests to make way for agricultural clearances of cotton and maize. Trouble was, the huarango tree underpinned the entire ecosystem – which, in due time, collapsed, destroying the natural irrigation ecosystem that provided the water to grow the crops in the first place. Resource war! Resource war! Goodbye good, big-thinking Nasca folks. Here’s the full story if you wan’ it.


5 thoughts on “Nazca Lines Point to Deforestation, Water as Civ’s Downfall

  1. man i’m so so sure that those people didn’t make those lines i mean come on people let’s get real,everyone knows that the aliens make those lines same thing with the pyramids in peru,mexico,egypt, everywhere or maybe god just was feeling like he wanted to draw something that day, for real.this is something out of this world.

  2. If these people were so clever why are they such bad drawings the alleged monkey dont even have same amount of fingers on each hand i find that strange smells like B.S. Toes are even

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