EPA Grows a Pair

LISA LERER & EAMON JAVERS write for Politico

COPENHAGEN — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson announced Monday that her agency has concluded that greenhouse gases pose a danger to human health and public welfare — opening the door to sweeping new pollution regulations that would cover a wide swath of industries.

“The threat is real,” Jackon said. “Climate change has now become a household issue.”

Monday’s ruling forces the EPA to begin mandating greenhouse gas emissions reductions from industrial polluters like power plants, factories, and auto makers. The EPA, Jackson said, “is now authorized and obligated to make reasonable efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Energy Act.”

The EPA announcement comes two and half years after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the Bush administration to reconsider whether greenhouse gas emissions are pollutants. The EPA then ruled that the emissions endangered public welfare, but the White House refused to sign off on the decision, leaving it in regulatory limbo until the Obama administration took office last January.

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