The Trillion Dollar Bicker

LISA LERER writes for Politico,

COPENHAGEN — Reaching an international agreement to curb the dangerous impacts of global warming largely depends on the two key players at the U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen  — China and the United States.

But so far, the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters seem more interested in taunting than talking.

“I don’t want to say the gentleman is ignorant,” Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei told reporters Friday, referring to top U.S. negotiator Todd Stern. “But I think he lacked common sense or he’s extremely irresponsible.”

The minister’s zinger was prompted by comments Stern made at his first press conference here on Wednesday, when he blasted the Chinese for not doing enough to curb their carbon emissions. Stern vowed that the United States would help some developing countries pay for cutting greenhouse gases  — but not China.

“I don’t envision public funds — certainly not from the United States — going to China,” Stern said. “That’s just life and the real world.”

read more at Politico

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