Global Warming = More Volcano Eruptions?

Y’know, we don’t particularly want to be apocalypse extremists here on WHEN HISTORY ATTACKS!, but the hits just keep on coming. See, over at The Daily Galaxy, a rather anxiety-inducing formula has just been proposed by researchers at the University of Leeds and Iceland-Vatnajökull (where Iceland’s largest ice cap is located).

Okay. So we know that large ice masses are very heavy and weigh down the Earth. For example, Greenland’s ice sheet has depressed the center of that vast island so much that it’s pretty close to sea level. Well, the same thing happens in places like Iceland, which – as we know all too well – have a lot of volcanoes. Glacial ice presses down upon the Earth’s crust, which presses upon the mantle and the magma chambers within. Scientists now think that if the ice melts, there will be less pressure keeping down the magma, and – boom – you might see more ol’ smokeys fouling up airlines across the globe. To begin with. Hey, at least we might have some spectacular sunsets for those Four Horses to ride through. Check out the details here.

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