Topkill Underway

It looks like BP will go ahead today with it’s Topkill option in an effortt to plug the oil geiser in the Gulf of Mexico that has been leaking millions of gallons (42 gallons makes a barrel) of oil for over a month now. They plan to use ‘mud’ and concrete to create 400 tons of force to contain the leaking pipe. Bill Nye gives a pretty good description of the process on CNN.

After a congressman intervened, BP has agreed to allow the live video feed to continue as they attempt the procedure. In related news, the LA Times reports a series of health risks related to the cleanup, and a new leaked memo from BP based upon the 3 little pigs paints a picture of a company that values profits over safety.

And finally, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida is demanding that the President seize control of the disaster response if BP is unable to perform the Topkill. Let’s all cross our fingers for the coast.

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