About WHA


What’s happening, people? It seems we’re in a world of hurt. But crisis is nothing new to Mankind: every couple of generations, the same portents of Apocalypse gather – only to be swept under the carpet when the warnings of imminent destruction are perceived to be from the radical fringe, crying wolf.

Santayana said: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This may be truer for America than anywhere else, because we pride ourselves on dismissing the past, moving forward, progress. In America, the past just gets in the way, and has to be torn down like an old building.

We think this time is different. This time, the past has blocked our way, and is threatening to tear us down instead. We chronically bubble our economy, import our energy and use it inefficiently, and waste our water resources. And a whole lot more. And all these issues are connected – though our management systems currently in place tend to treat each issue in isolation.

Our film series, WHEN HISTORY ATTACKS!, brings together hundreds of archival sources from the public domain in order to narrate the history of our current crises – and to remind ourselves that we’ve been down this path before.

This site will contextualize and further the WHEN HISTORY ATTACKS! project, by keeping a running record of new insights, details, and solutions to our national crises of credit, energy, and the environment. For starters. Because the world’s just a big collection of systems – all connected.

~ David Schneider