Weekend Update: September 20, 2009

IMG_0488First up, Chris Dodd shares his vision of a new super bank regulatory committee, one far different than our president’s. He hopes to combine four different commissions into one, also limiting the role of the Federal Reserve. Senator Dodd says, “We clearly need to put in place an architecture that restores confidence and makes people feel that when they engage in financial activities, from making a bank deposit to buying insurance or investing in stock, that they can have confidence in the system,” Read more at the NYT.

In recent op-eds Thomas Friedman makes another pitch for a manly gas tax.

Next up, world leaders are meeting at the UN in New York to discus international efforts to combat climate change. Looks like yet again Europe is expecting a head to head confrontation with a timid America. Could be a tough fight because a recent study shows a slowing of current polar melting trends.

Finally, an interesting article on Roger Penske whose  Penske Automotive Group is expected this month to complete its acquisition of Saturn from G.M, a brand that has lost an estimated 20 billion dollars in the last 24 years. A man with a long history of fixing quagmires, Penske may be making an educated bet, but at the end of the day it’s still a gamble.

Weekend Update Sept 13

IMG_0488First up we have a serious oil spill off the coast of Australia. Read more at the BBC.

Next, we mourn the passing of Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug. He lead the green revolution, helping engineer important crops for poor nations, and was a large force behind the world’s doubling of food production from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Some folks credit him for preventing a billion people from starving to death during his 95 year life.

Finally an update on the cap and trade bill in Washington. It looks like Senator Max Baucus from Montana has been quietly grabbing the reigns. Let’s hope he does better than his unfortunate performance with health care reform.