On Energy and Geometric Progression

The following video has been labeled “The Most Important Video You’ll Ever See.” Hyperbole? It’s just a lecture on math, given by a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Colorado-Boulder. It explains how just a 7% annual growth in energy use equals a 100% growth in 10 years. After a few decades, you’ve got a really big number. And a tremendously enormous problem. Watch and learn, please.

[H/T Peter Hufnagel]

The Bloom Box: The Holy Grail of Energy?

Would you like to make a billion dollars and save the planet?

K.R. Sridhar is a NASA scientist who was working on a project to terraform Mars. He invented a machine that would produce oxygen in the Martian atmosphere and make the Red Planet habitable for humans.

But the budget got cut. The program got cancelled. So K.R. Sridhar took the invention and reversed it to suck in oxygen. He created an entirely new kind of fuel cell, which is far more compact and more efficient than anything now producing electricity. It is designed to replace the grid. And it’s coming.

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For Sale: 687 Giant Wind Turbines!

Let’s call this the old American way – it’s a failure that’s a problem that’s a challenge that’s an opportunity. According to the AP Wire, T. Boone Pickens has scrapped plans to build the world’s largest wind farm in the Texas panhandle. See, the problem isn’t whether wind power will, like, Save the Planet or anything; it’s that the Texas panhandle is a really vacant place, and it’s a long way to convey the power from the proposed site to a distribution center. Pickens wanted to build one, but claims there have been “technical problems.”

Now here’s the thing: those wind turbines? They’ve already been ordered.

Six hundred eighty-seven wind turbines, each standing 400 feet tall. He’s looking for smaller wind farms in the Midwest and Canada in which to invest. Got a couple acres? Ol’ T. Boone’s got a wind turbine for you.


Quixote will need a longer joust…

…when Massachusetts receives its $25 million stimulus package for a wind-turbine testing center on Boston Harbor. The center will be the sole facility in the United States capable of testing 90-meter-long wind turbine blades. The largest blades currently in use in the world are 60 meters long, while the largest in domestic use are a paltry 50 meters long – though 75-meter blades are currently in the testing phase. The nation’s first wind farm is slated to be positioned off Cape Cod, an idea first proposed in 2007. Read more…